Backpacking in the wilderness of Kamchatka

My guiding career started with backpacking and volcano ascensions, in 1999. Since that time I've done hundred and hundred of backpacking days in the wilderness of Kamchatka and North Kuril islands. Last years I don't do it on regular base, but still guide multi-day backpacking trips for advanced level hikers. By the way, last one was in the August of 2019, - 10-days traverse of Ganalsky range from West to East, first guided traverse ever!

These trips are not easy and require advanced level hikers/backpackers. There are no huts and any other infrastructure, so you carry all the stuff with you. We may go through high mountain passes, use bears and mountain goats trails, cross the rivers, climb volcanoes and finally be in the absolute wild places, were scenery simply breathtaking. Well, just take a look on pictures below, it says more than thousand words.

If you are looking for backpacking adventure in Kamchatka or North Kuril islands, please contact me to get more information about places, itinerary and other details. Each program will be made according to your wishes, preferences and abilities. Period for these programs - July-September. To get an idea about places, please take a look on the galleries below.