Early winter and spring I usually busy guiding in Siberia and Kamchatka. If you are interested to ski early-season cold smoked Siberian powder, please visit our Siberian website - Skiing in Siberia. If you are keen to visit volcanic land Kamchatka, spend a week for skitouring or heliskiing, or few weeks for ski-mountaineering expeditions, please check our Kamchatka website - Skiing in Kamchatka.

In between Siberia and Kamchatka, and sometimes in spring months I am available for private guiding and avalanche courses. Some programs I run on regular base and accept single bookings, and you can see these programs in Skitouring section. Heliskiing and Backpacking programs available for private groups only. Still, even if you are single person and looking for non-regular programs, don't hesitate to contact me and check the situation, sometimes I have few guests interested in the same trip and able to build the group.

All the programs basically I guide by my self, but depends on group size and type of program, I may ask some of my colleagues to work with me.