Heliskiing all over the world

In my guiding career, heliskiing was like a roller coaster. First I did quite a lot of heliskiing for six years, than stepped aside and focused on skitouring and ski-mountaineering guiding for another several years and couple years ago finally found a balance which looks like twentish percent of heliskiing and rest of the winter I do skitouring and avalanche courses. Well, we shouldn't  need to talk much about it, but what we should is to go for this incredible activity and explore most interesting parts of the world.

Below you see the list of heliski destinations I offer. Some of them are run by my company, some by well known partners. Most of the programs are available for private groups only. Still, even if you are single person and looking for one of these adventures, don't hesitate to contact me and check the situation, quite often I have few guests interested in the same trip and able to build the group.

Siberian Heliskiing

From November to March, I run heliski programs in two regions of Siberia - Lake Baikal area and Kuznetsky Alatau range. The regions pretty differ one from another, but both are unique and provide unforgettable experience of adventures and exploratory heliskiing.
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Period: November-March

Kamchatka Heliskiing

One of the most unique heliski destinations in the world. Endless volcanic fields, birch tree skiing, steep couloirs and all this along with breathtaking scenery. Add endless mountain ranges, natural hot springs, descents down to Pacific Ocean coast, delicious local cuisine to complete the picture. Volcanoes of Kamchatka are full of snow till mid-July, so you can heliski in summer too and add some other activities such sea kayaking and king salmon fishing.
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Period: March-June

Svaneti Heliskiing

The highest mountains in Europe, endless heliski terrain, along with Georgian hospitality make heliskiing in this remote region an absolutely unique experience. Svaneti offers heliskiing in its finest form, surrounded by the towering 5000m peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

Period: February-April

Himachal Heliskiing

Heliskiing on the top of the world. The powder skiing in Kullu valley is exceptional.Long, steep, playful slopes covered by silky powder. Scenery of 5000 and 6000 meters peaks, even with some landings above 5000! Skiing both in alpine and birch tree forest. Plus a unique cultural and historical experience, and you get perfect mix which makes your journey simply unforgettable.

Period: February-March

Iceland Heliskiing

The magical country of Iceland. Or, as the locals say, Niceland. A small island where the most amazing natural phenomena are concentrated. Active volcanoes and geysers, lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, colonies of sea animals, mountains and huge glaciers. Iceland has several heliski areas, the main and largest is the Troll Peninsula, in the north of the country. The terrain is very diverse, everyone will find a descent they like, from gnarly couloirs to wide fields. Special attraction - summer skiing and midnight sun skiing will blow your mind!

Period: April-June

South America Heliskiing

Heliskiing in South America is not just a skiing journey, it is pretty special experience. It's not really winter down in the lodge, so you start and finish your day surrounded with a spring atmosphere. But once you are in the mountains you get amazing winter conditions. Back after day of powder skiing and you get unbelievable food and wines, along with local hospitality. I offer heliskiing both in Chile and Argentina, with few different lodges/operators. Contact me for this summer adventure.

Period: July-September