Skitouring all over the world

In past 10+ years I've been skitouring all over the world, skied many destinations on 6th continents, including pioneering skitouring in my home regions - Siberia and Kamchatka. Real highlights of past years were 4 months of skitouring in Chile and Argentina, ski-expedition to Antarctic peninsula, skitouring in Central High Atlas (Morocco), first historical heli-assisted skitouring in Upper Svaneti (Georgia), deep powder of Japan and many more.

Today, I would be glad to share these beautiful places with you. My experience of organising ski trips and net of contacts with my colleagues all over the world allows me to organize skitouring trip in any place of Earth. And not only skitouring, but also ski-mountaineering and ski expeditions. I've spent many days in winter ski-expeditions and really enjoy this environment. If you are looking for more demanding trips, for new experience, it will be my pleasure to help you to get familiar with this environment and make your experience positive and truly unforgettable.

Some programs I run on regular base and accept single bookings and some offer for private groups. Still, even if you are single person and looking for non-regular programs, don't hesitate to contact me and check the situation, quite often I have few guests interested in the same trip and able to build the group. Below you see both scheduled and private guiding destinations. More programs and destinations upcoming!

Scheduled programs:

Private guiding destinations:



Helicopter and plane assisted backcountry camps in British Columbia and Yukon. Endless steep descents on glacier fields, scenery of Coastal Range and no any other people around. Destinations include: the St Elias and Ice fields ranges of Kluane National Park, Waddington Range, Nirvana Pass, Lillooet Icefields and many more.

Period: February-May
Duration: 8 to 14 days


Skitouring on the East coast of Iceland or on the Troll peninsula. Classic Icelandic skiing, scenery, culture and cuisine. Worth to visit, especially in late spring or early summer.

Period: April-June
Duration: 6 to 8 days


Skitouring in Central High Atlas, Morocco. This is not just a ski trip but a real ski journey full of adventures. 4000 meters peaks oh Central High Atlas, views on beginning of Sahara dessert and culture of Moroccan backwoods.

Period: February-March
Duration: 10 to 14 days

Kazbek mt., Georgia

Skitouring and ski-mountaineering on Mkinvartsveri/Kazbek (5054m).

Period: April-May
Duration: 8 to 10 days

South America

Peaks of Andes, towers and glaciers of Patagonia, volcanoes of Chile - just an endless playground where you can spend the best (skiing) summer of your life.

Period: August-October
Duration: 10 to 14 days