Mission statement

Maintain the highest safety standards in the industry while having fun in the mountains and achieving the goals of my guests


I believe that guiding is a trade that can only be learned through training, mentorship, and a wealth of experience. I take the trust you put into me very seriously and I have a deep feeling that I must meet your expectations. It is my responsibility to maintain the highest possible professional standards, keep learning process and stay up to date.

I am a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and AST avalanche courses provider accredited by Avalanche Canada.

I am working under the standards of:

ACMG - Association of Canadian Mountain Guides

The ACMG was the first mountain guides association outside of Europe to become a member of the IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations). Canada has the biggest ski guiding market in the world and the ACMG is well known as the worldwide leader in the ski guiding industry and in avalanche training. The experience and background of hundreds of guides are united with the knowledge and skills of the instructors of Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide Program in the ACMG.

Canadian Avalanche Association

The CAA is the world's leading expert in all matters avalanche related. No other association upholds standards as high or maintains as comprehensive a training programme for its members. The CAA was crucial in the development of avalanche safety and educational standards in New Zealand and Japan, and also working with some other educational organizations all over the world.

Avalanche Canada

Avalanche Canada is Canada's national public avalanche safety organization. Avalanche Canada develops and delivers public avalanche forecasts and special public avalanche warnings for many of the mountainous regions of Western Canada. Avalanche Canada also provides curriculum and support to instructors of recreational Avalanche Skills Training (AST) courses, delivers public avalanche education awareness and education programs, encourages public avalanche research, provides curriculum to teachers and organizations, and acts as a central hub for avalanche information.

Wilderness First Responder

It is a crucial part of every guides training process to undergo extensive training in first aid and medical procedures. I have a 80-hours certification in wilderness first aid (wilderness first responder), which is the industry standard for outdoor professionals. To stay current and up to date I take recertification course every three years.