Amazing ski touring trip at Kamchatka. Grigory is a professional guide, very happy skiing with him. Everything was well organized. We also love the food, much better than we expected.

Annie Sun - Beijing, China

Just an awesome trip in a very wild place, combining great ski on volcanoes and amazing landscape and wildlife. Thanks to you, Grigory for the perfect organization. I’ll never forget this month together and this adventure I’ve spent in Kamchatka.
C’était une super expérience, je vous la recommande!

Note. Laurent is a first snowboarder descended Ichinskaya Sopka volcano in the remote part of Kamchatka and also participated in few other significant expeditions and descents.


Laurent Cazeaux - Toulouse, France

I’ve been in Siberia and Kamchatka with Grigory and both trips were very well organized and super exciting. The choice of ski routes, lodges, food and logistics was great. When going to the trip with Grigory you get not just fresh snow, but wonderful experience in beautiful place.

Olga Elyukhina - Germany

Grigory runs a professional and well organised operation focused on getting the best snow in some amazing locations around the world, will be going on more trips with them that’s for sure!

Garnet Griffiths - Perth, Australia

Well, one of the best adventure-travel agencies I know. Small but very comfortable and client-oriented! Providing wilderness trips in most beautiful places of Russia, and organizing skitouring and heliskiing all over the globe… Highly recommended!

Andrey Mednikov - Moscow, Russia

I think the fact I’ve skied in both Luzhba, Baikal and have every intention to return with Grigory and his team for another trip says it all really! Fantastic location, snow and organisation but most important a great team. I hope to ski together on the next trip.

Rhodri Davies - UK

It was gorgeous, waking up at our sunny lakefront camp on the open valley floor to gaze up to the high summit of Mt. Bakening, towering above us in misty clouds with not a sign of other humans to be found anywhere. It was perfect. And it was more gorgeous from the summit – 360 degrees of varied vistas in every direction, spectacular beauty in a remote corner of unspoiled Kamchatka wilderness. From the spires and tangled rock faces of the collapsed volcanic cone on the backside, to our tiny, distant camp beside the lake thousands of feet below, we sat silent in the sunny breeze and let our eyes soak it all in.
Wow. And all in the hands of our super-capable, fun-loving guide Grigory, expert trekker and outdoorsman, a hell of a lot of fun on the trail and around the campfire.
Our only regret is that we haven’t been able to get back. Yet.

Note. The review was written in 2009. After that, Patrick came to Kamchatka 2 more times, and last time we did first guided traverse of Ganalsky range from west to east.

Patrick T. Collins - Washington, D.C. USA

This trekking around Bakening volcano was just ideal with perfect organization (before, during, afterwards), Grigory is the ideal person for that, as guide… and cook! It was like a return to sources, things that we forget in this virtual world. If I have the chance to do another tour, without hesitation, I’ll go with him, in Kamchatka or somewhere else! The tour around Bakening is so various: luxuriant vegetation and extreme humidity, aridity of the volcanic summits and surrealist lakes of mountain, here is what gives you this adventure. There are so many things to be said about it, it would take too much time. Live one week in totally cohabitation with wild life is something unique, each person should do it and the World would turn better. Still so much enduring memories in my mind. Thanks again a lot my dear friend Grigory for this adventure and I’m sure that we’ll have others moments like this !

Yannick Besançon - France

Just few words to thank you and all the team for this amazing week in Siberia. Everything was absolutely perfect (the skiing, the accommodation, the group, the crew, the site). I would like to highlight your professionalism always trying to give us your best from dawn to bedtime.

François-Louis Comyn - Grenoble, France

Grigory was our guide in Siberia and Svanetia, Georgia.
He is not only a mountain/avalanche professional and a brilliant skier, but also a very experienced travel guide and sophisticated interlocutor. So, regardless weather or snow conditions, your trip with Grigory will be an unforgettable experience, your knowledge about outdoor risk management will be higher and your heart and mind will be enriched by profound conversations.
No matter how deep you dive into the wilderness, with Grigory you always have a friend by your side!
Claude Hediger, Beat Reich, Fritz Hodler & Ronny Früh – Switzerland

Claude Hediger - Switzerland

Very well organised, safe and absolutely fantastic trips.
I’ve been with Grigory on nearly ten trips and will take more. Highly recommended if you are looking for powder and especially if you are ready for skitouring – almost anywhere on the globe. Ready to comment in detail personally, contact me if needed.

Gleb Skrypin - Israel

First class guiding in Luzhba with Grigory. Friendly warm accommodation, tasty catering, excellent travel arrangements by them….and magic skiing…and more magic skiing.

Richard Harrower - Solihull, UK

Immer perfekt organisiert, schöne Erlebnisse & sehr kompetente Tourenplanung und Guiding. Gerne wieder!

Thomas Bauer - Munich, Germany

Grigory and his staff are professional and serious, I spent time with them last year with friends, it’s was a wonderful experience in Siberia, skiing powder everyday in the forest. Good lodge, good food and nice people.

Jérémy Janody - Annecy, France

I took my AST1 and 2 with Grigory. He is an excellent teacher and fun guy, and his approach to avalanche safety and awareness is first class. The field days were well organised and we were able to maximise the learning and enjoyment despite the variable snow conditions that the early season in the Alps can give you. I highly recommend Grigory’s AST courses to give you the skills and confidence needed to travel safely in the backcountry.

Harry Grumbar - London, UK

I can highly recommend Grigory as a guide. He will take you to places you couldn’t imagine exists. Besides being a really nice and easy going fellow he is keen to share all his deep knowledge about the mountains and avalanche awareness. No matter how many and how complicated question you have, Grigory has the answer.

Henrik Zettergren - Stockholm, Sweden