Below you will find a list of scheduled ski adventures and avalanche courses for this winter season. Most of them can be customized and held on other dates for private groups.

Some skitouring programs I run for private groups only, and if you are interested is destinations such as Canada, Morocco, Iceland and so on, please check Skitouring section.

See you in the mountains!

Winter 2022-2023:

Catskiing and cat-assisted skitouring in Ridder, Kazakhstan: December  04-10

Hokkaido Powder Roads: January 15-24

Svaneti heli-assisted skitouring: March 04-11

Skitouring in Norway, Arnøya island: April 15-22

Ski-mountaineering in Tuyuk-Su, Kazakhstan: May 06-15

AST Avalanche Courses
AST 1: February 14-15, February 20-21, March 27-28
AST 2: February 22-25, March 29 - April 01