Skitouring and Expeditions in Chile and Argentina

Peaks of Andes, towers and glaciers of Patagonia, volcanoes of Chile - just endless playground where you can spend best (skiing) summer of your life.

I've spent 4 months exploring skitouring and ski-mountaineering destinations of Chile and Argentina and visited just a small part of this land. I offer skitouring and ski-mountaineering in Maipo valley and further South, including ascension on San Jose volcano (5856m) and heli-assisted skitouring; volcano skiing in Chilean Central Valley; skitouring in Bariloche & the Lake District; ski-mountaineering in Patagonia at the foot of Fitz Roy. So, plenty of choice!


Volcanoes of Chile

There are more than 100 volcanoes in Chile spread all over the country from North to South. Many of them are perfect skitouring and ski-mountaineering peaks. Some are quite easy technically and physically, some require a high level of skiing and fitness. Most of the easy-reachable volcanoes are situated in Araucania and Los Lagos regions. Depending on your abilities I'll make an itinerary which optimally suits your wishes.

Besides skiing and snowboarding, you will get a cultural experience, visit local vineyards, discover delicious cuisine, and much more.



Skitouring and expeditions in Maipo valley

Maipo Valley is the closest Chilean wine region to Santiago. But for us the main interest is mountains and volcanoes of this land. There are two huge volcanoes, demanding ski-mountaineering objects - San José (5856m.) and Marmolejo (6108m), the southernmost 6000-plus peak in the world. The other side of the valley is full with classic Andes peaks up to 4500 meters.

Some mountains reachable from the roads in one day, other requires approach with ATV or snowmobiles and seting up a tent camping. I can also organize a heli-assisted skitouring with daily drops up to the mountains.


Skitouring in Bariloche & the Lake District

San Carlos de Bariloche (or shortly called Bariloche) is a town in Argentina’s Patagonia region. It borders Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the Andes Mountains.

There are several ski resorts in this region with a nice sidecountry skiing, as well as skitouring destinations such as Refugio Frey area, Cerro López, Cerro Challhuaco and many more.  The region is also famous for its stunning scenery and provides many other activities such as lake tours, horse riding etc.


Ski-mountaineering in Patagonia

Last but not least region in our skitouring list - Patagonia. To be precise, we are going to be in a small part of this land, close to mountains Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy. These stunning towers and peaks around are one of the most technical and difficult climbs in the world. But there are also some glaciers and snow slopes allowing you to ski there. Skitouring is already pretty good there, but with such scenery it becomes an unforgettable adventure.  Cause of long approaches, skitouring there requires very good physical shape, but it's worth it.


Logistic and Accommodation

Depends on our destination we may use different types of transportation. For general transportation, 4x4 car rent is the most optimal solution. For small groups we also can rent a 4x4 motor home which allows us to be very flexible and mobile.

Your flight will be to Santiago or Buenos Aires (depends on country-destination) and then we drive or take another domestic flight.

There are plenty of accommodation choice in both countries. For some destinations we will book it in advance. But for some trips, like volcano skiing in Chile - to get a choice of skitouring destinations depending on weather and snow conditions, we stay flexible and won't book any in advance. According to our experience, it is easy to find a hotel or cabanas (guest house) few days before coming, but flexibility provides best possible skiing.


In general, skitouring period in Chile and Argentina is from early August to late October. Volcano skiing is better later in the season, whereas powder skiing in the Bariloche area is usually better in August-September.
For most of the programs we need 10 to 14 days to complete all our objects. You always can add few more days for out of skiing activities, there are plenty of good things to see and to do in both Chile and Argentina.




Photo credit: Grigory Mintsev, Vladimir Kolushev, Manuel Elmiger and Daniel Schweiss NieveDelSur.